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Garuda Woven Art Rugs

natural dye, hand-knotted,

Tibetan area rugs :: discounted

Beautiful, one-of-a-kind, handmade rugs. Woven with organic wool fiber. Chemical free, eco-friendly and nontoxic. No treatments such as mothproofing, stainproofing or glues are used, which can off-gas.

Clearance and discount area rugs available in small to large sizes.

Based near Boulder, Colorado; Our warehouse may be visited by appointment.


Clearance Rugs   3' x 5'

Clearance Rugs   4' x 6'

Clearance Rugs   5' x 7'

Clearance Rugs   6' x 9'

Clearance Rugs   8' x 10'

Clearance Rugs   9' x 12' & 10' x 13'

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